Recognize the Type of Attachment Type on the Forklift that Suits Your Business

Attachment Forklift

Product | 20 February 2023

One of the heavy equipment that is widely used to facilitate the work of lifting and moving goods is the forklift. Toyota forklift has various types of forklifts that can help your work, according to what you need. If the activities to be carried out using a forklift are more complex, the forklift will usually use an additional tool, namely a forklift attachment. Attachments to forklifts consist of various types, which of course each also has a different function. And you can rent it to Swadaya Harapan Nusantara (SHN). However, before determining the choice of the type of Attachment Type you want. There are several types of attachment types on forklifts and their functions, which you need to know.

Side Shift Forks

The side shifter attachment type is one type of attachment that can be installed on a forklift. Side shifter has a function to facilitate the movement of the fork to the left or right. The side shifter attachment is also equipped with a hydraulic cylinder, so that the goods being transported can be shifted without the need to shift the position of the forklift engine. The use of side shifters is effective for use in narrow areas.

Fork Positioners

Fork positioner is an attachment type consisting of a hydraulic tube to make it easier for the operator to move goods to the desired position. Operation is also quite easy, because only by controlling the hydraulic button. With this type of attachment, it is easier for the operator to move the load and ensure that the load can be spread evenly and safely. With a weight that is not fixed at one point, the level of operator safety and the risk of damage to goods will be less.

Rotating Forks

Next, there is the attachment type, which, as the name implies, functions to rotate the fork on the forklift. By using this attachment, the operator can more easily and freely lift loads or pallets that require an unusual fork clamping position. This rotating fork is suitable for owners of the agricultural, construction, or food and beverage industries.

Bale Clamp

Bale clamps are used to transport goods by clamping them. There are many types of items that can be clamped using a bale clamp, such as corrugated goods, metal, cotton, and wool. In addition, the bale clamp also functions to transport goods in the form of newsprint, synthetic textiles, and rags. This type of attachment is very useful in the raw material processing factory industry, the agricultural industry, and so on. By using a bale clamp, the operator can immediately move and lift the bale without having to put the bale on the pallet first.

Load Stabilizers

This type of load stabilizer attachment consists of a device that has two clasps to hold and stabilize the load when it is moved. This type of attachment is indeed designed to help move loads that tend to be unstable such as soft drinks, bottled water, or empty containers. With grips that can be adjusted to hold the load, you can be sure that the load will not fall or slip when moved.

Double Pallets

Next is the double pallet attachment type, which, as the name implies, has the function of lifting up to two pallets simultaneously on an ordinary forklift. With the double pallet attachment, lifting, carrying and sliding pallets can be done hydraulically and side by side. By carrying goods together or double, in one trip, operators can carry more goods which also means increasing work productivity.

That was information about several types of attachment types on forklifts. Choosing the right attachment type can help your warehousing operational activities. For this need, until now Swadaya Harapan Nusantara (SHN) provides rental of heavy equipment so that your business production activities are safer and more efficient. If you are interested in using a Toyota Forklift with various attachment types available to make your business easier, you can contact the SHN Contact Center at 1500-072 (Ext.5) or WhatsApp at 0811-7230-383 as a heavy equipment rental service provider to get information. more details about this product. Apart from that, you can also see other services available at SHN by visiting the official SHN page here.