Advantages of FG Wilson Generators for Various Business Needs

FG Wilson Genset

Product | 02 January 2023

As a business person, you must have understood that a generator is an important tool for the business you run. For this reason, as a provider of heavy equipment, Swadaya Harapan Nusantara (SHN) offers generator products. A Genset or generator set functions as a power generator. In other words, this tool has the benefit of being a backup power source or an emergency power source in the event of a disturbance or disconnection of electricity from the main source.

The function of the generator is not only as a backup for electricity in residential homes but also for various businesses and companies from small to large scale. With a generator, activities carried out by companies and other businesses can continue even though the main electricity is having problems so that the wheels of the economy can continue to run. Besides being beneficial for business continuity and emergency electricity reserves, using a generator can also save costs. For example, production costs can be reduced by having a generator engine because all that remains is to provide enough fuel for the generator. Therefore, many business or business owners choose to provide generators at their place of business.

But it needs to be understood, choosing a generator for business needs cannot be arbitrary, because it needs to be adjusted to your needs. Before determining the type of generator to use, it would be better if you already know the amount of power you need. Apart from that, you also need to estimate the equipment that will be used when the generator is on, for example, lights, computers, or other machines. In addition, other things such as the type of fuel used and the quality of the generator also need attention.

Swadaya Harapan Nusantara (SHN) provides the FG Wilson Generator Set, an international standard generator that has UK standard quality. Using diesel as fuel, using this unit can certainly help you save fuel. For its use, FG Wilson has been widely used to support various business fields. Ranging from office businesses, hospitals, small-scale to large-scale shops, and data center companies to property businesses and residential areas. If you are still unsure about choosing this unit, here are some of the advantages of the FG Wilson generator unit that you can consider when choosing a generator.

Has Various Capacity

FG Wilson Genset are designed with industrial users in mind, therefore they provide flexibility from a business standpoint in a wide variety of fields. Therefore, this unit is designed with 3 size levels with different power levels, the goal is that consumers can choose the type and power variant that suits the needs of the business being run. The three sizes consist of small-range, medium-range, and large-range generators.

Amount of Power That Is Suitable For Needs

The variation in the power provided allows various types of business scales to use the emergency electricity backup from the FG Wilson generator. As explained above, there are three standard power variants owned by FG Wilson, which include:

Small Range consisting of:

400 Series, consisting of Prime Rating 12.5-20kVA & Standby Rating 13.5 - 22kVA.

1100 Series, consisting of Prime Rating 30-200kVA & Standby Rating 33-220kVA.

Medium Range consisting of:

1500 Series, consisting of Prime Rating 230-300kVA & Standby Rating 250-330kVA.

2000 Series, consisting of Prime Rating 350-770kVA & Standby Rating 400-850kVA.

Large Range consisting of:

4000 Series, consisting of Prime Rating 800-2250kVA & Standby Rating 892-2500kVA.

Available Open and Silent Type

Generators from FG Wilson are available in two types, the first is an open-type generator. This generator is usually placed in a soundproof room or building and is easier to maintain and disassemble. Meanwhile, the silent type generator does not produce a loud sound, so it does not need to be placed in a special room. With two types offered, you can adjust the type of generator to the available space in your home or business.

After knowing some of the advantages of generators from FG Wilson, all you have to do is choose the type and capacity of the generator that suits your needs. For this reason, you can find complete information about various FG Wilson Genset products here. For more detailed information and other services such as rental and purchase of heavy equipment at the best prices, you can get it through the SHN Contact Center at 1500-072 (Ext.5) or Whatsapp at 0811-7230-383.