4 Benefits of Tower Lights for Construction and Mining

Tower Lights

Product | 04 January 2023

Mining and construction work in Indonesia is a dynamically developing industry. The mining industry sector recorded positive growth of 4 percent throughout 2021 and is expected to continue to grow stably. Meanwhile, the construction industry has also evolved into the digital era and is still an important economic sector for the country. These two business fields can still be said to be promising fields until now.

As a type of business that is developing positively, several things need to be considered, especially when building construction and mining work is about to be carried out or is being carried out. For example, an inspection of the quality of the tools used, protection of workers, and one of the most important, the lighting when the two types of work projects are in progress.

Lighting in building and mining work is usually assisted by using tools, namely tower lights, because the light from a light bulb alone is sometimes not enough for the needs of large-scale construction and mining conditions. A tower light is a power-generating device in the form of a generator and is equipped with a fuel tank. The two components are combined with hydraulic media whose height can be adjusted as needed.

Because lighting is an important thing for construction and mining business actors to pay attention to, if there is a lack of lighting at mining and construction work sites, it can cause several negative impacts such as the following:

Reducing the Risk of Worker Accidents

The project work site will certainly lose its main lighting when night falls, and some places also have the potential to have minimal lighting even though the project work is carried out in the morning or during the day. Minimal lighting increases the risk of worker accidents because the dark environment makes it difficult to do the job properly, and if the lights go out, only pitch darkness remains.

Preventing Jobs from Being Halted

If you don't get good lighting, of course, mining and construction workers can't work optimally. Because it could endanger the safety of workers if continued. Therefore without adequate backup lighting, the project has the potential to stall, even for a long period.

So to prevent these negative impacts from occurring, it is necessary to ensure that while the work is in progress that the lighting at the work location is sufficient so that unwanted things are avoided. By using a tower light, lighting deficiencies can be overcome easily. Tower Light is not only a backup source of light at night and in dark places, but Tower Light also has benefits for building or mining construction sites.

Making Visibility Wider

With the Tower Light which has varied heights and adjustable lighting, the location of construction and mining projects will no longer be short of light and the visibility that can be seen is wider and more even. As a result, this will affect worker productivity, and increase visual comfort while working even at night.


Tower Light is made in such a way as to help make construction and mining projects easier. At the bottom of the Light Tower, some wheels make this lighting tower easy to move, move, or adjust to various places quickly according to needs.

This tool is very suitable for the needs of workers in the construction and mining sector who have shifting working hours. So if you are an entrepreneur engaged in construction or mining, this unit is one of the tools you need the most. To facilitate the use of these units, SHN provides light towers that you can rent with Short Term Rent services as needed. In addition to providing unit rental services, SHN also provides sales services with convenience and more affordable prices. You can see all the information about Tower Light from SHN here. And for other heavy equipment needs, you can see the official SHN website on this page. If you are interested in Tower Light's features to help with your work, get detailed information about Tower Light product rental through the SHN Contact Center at 1500 - 072 (Ext. 5) or Whatsapp at 0811-7230-383.