4 Types of Locations Suitable for Boom Lift Use

Boom Lift

Product | 29 December 2022

Boom lifts are heavy equipment that can be used to reach work in high areas with vertical, diagonal and horizontal reach. The use of boom lifts is certainly no stranger to business owners in the construction sector who need assistance to reach high work areas. Boom lifts can be applied indoors and outdoors, depending on the customer's business needs. Swadaya Harapan Nusantara (SHN) is here to provide support in the boom lift rental sector.

SHN provides 4 variants of boom lifts that have different maximum working heights. Such as the BL14m series for a maximum height of 16 meters, BL18m for a height of 20 meters, BL24m for a maximum height of 26 meters, and BL40m for a maximum working height of 43 meters, all of which have a load carrying capacity of up to 227 kg. These four variants are available for you to rent on a short term or short term basis with contract terms of weekly, monthly and yearly. In addition to the high variant, every boom lift from SHN also has battery and diesel power options that can be adjusted to your needs.

Boom Lift is not only used for construction work, but can also be used for work in other fields. The following are some jobs in other fields that can be assisted by using a Boom Lift.

Building Maintenance

Because buildings, especially in big cities, are synonymous with height, of course, these buildings need maintenance to be repainted or cleaned from time to time so that they still look beautiful. Using a ladder to paint a skyscraper clearly feels unsafe in terms of worker safety. To reach heights more safely, boom lifts are the right choice of tool. With adjustable heights and sides, boom lifts can lift workers to where they need painting while at the same time carrying tools for painting, more practical and also safer. To be adjustable, you only need to ensure the unit's ability in terms of height with the building to be painted.


The use of boom lifts can also facilitate work in the aviation sector. Boom lifts can streamline flight operations more safely because they can transport passengers or other flight operations more quickly, besides that boom lifts can also be moved from one place to another easily. By operating more effectively with boom lifts, you can reduce the potential for delays to have a serious impact on an airline's busy schedule.

Road Construction Maintenance

In some situations, street lights also require maintenance, and boom lifts can assist in the cleaning and replacement of street lights. Because street lights are installed high up, using the stairs will be more complicated and dangerous than using a boom lift. In addition, the boom lift can also be moved easily so that street light maintenance work can be done quickly.

Multi-storey House Cleaning

Even though heavy equipment is synonymous with construction work, make no mistake, there are several household or individual daily activities that also require heavy equipment such as boom lifts. True, not only the lights on the street, a house with a height of more than one floor may also need a boom lift to carry out maintenance to keep it looking clean. The use of a boom lift can help the person in charge of cleaning your house quickly. This unit can help clean and reach high spots in the house. And not only the high parts of the house, this heavy equipment unit can also reach the sides of the house that are difficult to clean using only the stairs.

If you are interested in the features that JLG Boom Lift has in helping your work, get detailed information about renting Boom Lift products through the SHN Contact Center at 1500 - 072 (Ext. 5) or Whatsapp at 0811-7230-383.