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Product | 21 June 2023

In an era where technology has become our daily consumption, the availability of stable electricity has become a basic need for all of us. In the field of business or everyday life, problems with power sources can disrupt activities and work. Therefore, more and more companies and individuals are using generators as a backup power source, so that activities can run smoothly in various situations.

How to Choose the Right Generator

It is important to understand that generators have different types and variants, so it is also important for you to choose the right generator that suits your needs. Some things to consider before choosing a generator are:

Know the Power Required

Every business or personal need has different power requirements. Choosing a generator with too much power has the potential to result in the possibility that too much energy is wasted and increases operational costs. On the other hand, if the generator you choose is too small compared to your needs, it will cause interference that you don't want. By adapting the generator to your specific power requirements, you can ensure that the power supply remains stable suitable, and suitable.

Pay attention to the type of generator fuel

In addition to the amount of power, also pay attention to the type of fuel that best suits your needs. If you are looking for an eco-friendly option, a gas-powered generator could be a good choice. Meanwhile, diesel generators can also be the best choice in terms of long-term durability and efficiency. Adjusting the type of fuel to your preferences and needs can help optimize generator performance and minimize operational costs in the long run.

Choose a Genset with Trusted Quality

Consistent and uninterrupted electricity availability is the key to the smooth running of business and daily activities. Therefore, choosing a generator that has a good reputation is also a very important factor. FG Wilson, with decades of experience in producing generators, can be the best choice for you.

A Brief History of FG Wilson

FG Wilson is a name that is familiar in the world of generators. Since its founding in 1966 by Fred Wilson in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the company has built a long history and become one of the leading manufacturers in the generator industry. With a dedication to innovation, superior quality, and a focus on customer satisfaction, FG Wilson has built a strong and globally recognized reputation.

FG Wilson's successful journey began with the production of diesel generators for industrial and commercial purposes. Over time, this company also continues to develop its products and markets, by expanding generator variants to meet increasingly diverse needs. In the last few decades, FG Wilson has also expanded its market share into the residential and personal use sectors, offering reliable generator solutions for households and daily activities.

FG Wilson has built an extensive customer service and support network in various countries around the world. FG Wilson has professional assistance services that are competent and responsive, in generator installation, maintenance, and repair. With a solid after-sales guarantee, FG Wilson assures that the investment in its generators will be matched by excellent service. There are various types of generators offered by FG Wilson, ranging from power variants to open and silent types.

Differences between Open Type and Silent Type Generators

The FG Wilson generator has 2 different types in terms of engine noise. Depending on the environment around your business or home, you can adjust which type you choose, according to the circumstances of the surrounding location.

Genset Open Type

Open type is a type of generator that is not equipped with special silencers. The open-type generator has an open design that allows the sound of the engine and cooling system to be heard clearly. Even though it produces a fairly high noise level, this type of generator is easier in terms of accessibility and maintenance. Generally, open-type generators are placed in a soundproof room, or a building that already provides a powerhouse.

Open-type generators are suitable for use in environments that do not have problems or are disturbed by noise, such as construction sites, mining, agriculture, ports, and outdoor events.

Genset Silent Type

Meanwhile, as the name implies, the silent type generator has low noise. This type of generator is equipped with a special silencer designed to reduce the noise level generated by the engine. Not only dampen sound, but this shield can also reduce sound vibrations generated by generators.

Generator silent type is suitable for those of you who live in an environment that requires a minimum noise level, such as residential areas, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, or indoor events.

Ketahui jenis genset yang tepat untuk kebutuhan anda 1

FG Wilson Small Range Genset for Small Scale Needs

Apart from differences in noise levels, FG Wilson also has a variety of power options that can be adjusted according to the amount of power you need. One of them is the small-range variant.

The small range generator from FG Wilson is a genset model available with power from 6.8 - 220 kVA and offers a choice of prime and standby power at a frequency of 50 to 60 Hz. This small-range variant is suitable for small-scale businesses or manufacturing companies, residential use, agriculture, and the telecommunication sector.

Specifications FG Wilson Genset Small Range 400 Series

  • Prime Rating 12.5 - 20kVA
  • Standby Rating 13.5 - 22kVA
  • Available open type and silent type

Specifications FG Wilson Genset Small Range 1100 Series

  • Prime Rating 30 - 200kVA
  • Standby Rating 33 - 220kVA
  • Available open type and silent type

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FG Wilson Medium Range Genset for Medium Scale Needs

Apart from the small variant, FG Wilson also has medium range variants available from 225 to 938 kVA, and a choice of prime and standby modes around 50 and 60 Hz. The FG Wilson medium-range generator is suitable for the needs of small businesses and manufacturing, housing, and the agricultural sector.

FG Wilson Genset Medium Range 1500 Series specifications

  • Prime Rating 230 - 300 kVA
  • Standby Rating 250 - 330 kVA
  • Available open type and silent type

Specifications FG Wilson Genset Medium Range 2000 Series

  • Prime Rating 400 - 850 kVA
  • Standby Rating 350 - 770 kVA
  • Available open type and silent type

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FG Wilson Large Range Genset for Large-Scale Needs

Meanwhile, for those of you who need a generator with greater power, FG Wilson also has a large range variant, which is available from 800 - 2500 kVA. The large range generator from FG Wilson has been proven and trusted to be a variety of sources of electricity for businesses that need a steady and continuous supply of electricity. Therefore, large-range generators are common and suitable for business data centers, mini power stations, airports, hospitals, as well as large retail stores. Large range generators are also available with an optional 50 degree Celsius package, to ensure efficient operation in high ambient temperatures.

Specifications FG Wilson Genset Large Range 4000 Series

  • Prime Rating 800 - 2250 kVA
  • Standby Rating 892 - 2500 kVA
  • Available open type and silent type

SHN as an authorized dealer from FG Wilson, provides small, medium, and large-scale generator power variants with a choice of open and silent types. Choose a generator from FG Wilson that suits your needs, without doubting the quality. Visit the FG Wilson product page here, to get more complete information about the FG Wilson generator variants available at SHN.

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