Know the Functions and Advantages of Scissor Lifts in Industrial and Construction Work

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Product | 07 June 2023

In the ever-evolving industrial and construction advances, heavy equipment is increasingly becoming an inseparable part of the success of big projects. Equipped with advanced features and robust tool resistance, work in the field or projects can be accelerated and optimized as much as possible using heavy equipment.

Just as there are many types of work in industrial projects, construction, manufacturing, and so on, of course, there is also heavy equipment that is present as a solution to make the job easier. If working in a warehouse is synonymous with the use of forklifts, then when working at heights, the scissor lift is one of the superior tools.

Understanding What Is A Scissor Lift

A scissor lift is a type of heavy equipment used to lift and lower loads vertically. This tool consists of two sets of stacks that are triangular and are connected by a hinge in the middle so that they resemble the shape of scissors. When raised, the platform on the scissor lift can reach the desired height. The system used by scissor lifts is hydraulic, which moves the pile and controls the height of the platform. This tool is often used in the construction industry, maintenance of facilities, stacking goods in warehouses, and jobs at heights that require safe access.

Functions of the Scissor Lift

In industrial and construction work, the scissor lift functions to:

1.Easy Access to Reach Height

Scissor lifts are used to provide safe and stable access to hard-to-reach elevated areas, and allow workers to easily and safely perform maintenance, repair, or installation work at heights.

2.Perform Maintenance and Repair Maintenance

Scissor lifts are used in maintenance and repair work in industry, such as machine or equipment repairs, inspection of electrical or plumbing systems, maintenance of facilities, and so on that are at height.

3.Moving Goods and Materials

In industrial and construction environments, scissor lifts can also be used to move goods and materials to high storage racks.

4.Doing Installation Work

Scissor lifts are used in industrial installation work, such as the installation of lighting systems, cables, or other equipment.

5.Inspect the work area

Visual inspection or monitoring work in areas that are not easily accessible can be carried out using a scissor lift. Inspection of equipment, structures, or systems in industries such as the oil and gas industry, the shipping industry, or the telecommunications industry can be made easier by using a scissor lift.

Advantages of Scissor Lifts in the Field of Industry and Construction

Of the functions above, the scissor lift certainly also has various advantages when used in industrial and construction work, such as:

1.Safer when Doing Work

Jobs that require access to high areas certainly have risks. Scissor lifts are also designed with strong safety features such as platform locking systems, safety rails, and other safety devices, which maintain stability and prevent workers or machines from falling. With better protection, not only workers and operators, but the overall work environment will be safer.

2.Stability at high altitudes

Boasting a sturdy and stable construction, the scissor system or triangles that can be expanded and reduced on the scissor lift provide good stability when used in high areas, and allow workers to work more comfortably and efficiently.

3.Has Greater Lifting Capability

Scissor lifts have a large lifting capacity and are capable of lifting or carrying heavy loads such as materials and other equipment. With a scissor lift, the work of lifting and moving materials on construction or industrial sites can be easier and faster.

4.Good Maneuverability

Designed with the latest technology, this tool is easy to move around the work area. The wheels on the scissor lift can also be locked, so that when used and driven. The tool will be more stable.

5.Increasing Work Efficiency and Productivity

Scissor lifts can certainly help improve work efficiency in industrial and construction work. With easier access to heights, workers can complete tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Mengenal fungsi dan keunggulan scissor lift di pekerjaan industri 1

A Brief History of the JLG Brand

JLG Industries, Inc., is a leading pioneer in the manufacture of aerial work platforms and telescopic handlers (telehandlers). The company was founded in 1969 in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, United States by the influential figure, John L. Grove. In the course of its history, JLG has changed the paradigm of the access and transportation industry worldwide.

The brand has established a strong name in the construction, industrial, and maintenance industries globally. It all started with John L. Grove's strong interest in entrepreneurship and engineering. In the late 1960s, Grove recognized the need for safer and more efficient methods of working at height. This is what prompted him to develop this type of work platform to new heights and eventually became the foundation for JLG Industries.

In 1973, the company introduced the scissor lift as one of their flagship products and their first product. With a robust design and high work flexibility, scissor lifts provide opportunities for workers to reach heights more safely and efficiently. In 2006, JLG Industries became part of the Oshkosh Corporation, a leading company in the manufacture of special vehicles and heavy equipment. Global support and additional resources from Oshkosh Corporation have given JLG Industries an edge in reaching international markets.

JLG Industries continues to maintain its reputation as a pioneer in the haulage and altitude access industry. JLG Industries' dedication to safety, efficiency, and quality has made it a trusted partner for professionals in various industrial sectors around the world. Until now, JLG continues to innovate and produce various types of heavy equipment products. Some of the superior types of scissor lifts from JLG are the R1932, R4045, and 530 LRT.

JLG R Series Electric Scissor Lift Specifications, R1932 and R4045

One of the scissor lift series that uses electric power is the R Series. Scissor Lift R Series is a solution for those of you who want to improve performance and quality. With a platform capacity of up to 770 lb, operators can also carry more loads or materials. The R Series also features an optional MDI display and further enhanced battery charging technology for increased uptime. The R1932 and R4045 variants of the R Series also offer the option of greater load resistance and a higher tool height, making them suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor jobs. Following are the specifications of the JLG Scissor Lift R1932 and R4045

Mengenal fungsi dan keunggulan scissor lift di pekerjaan industri 2

JLG Scissor Lift R1932

  • Indoor/outdoor platform height: 19 ft (5.8 m)
  • Indoor/outdoor platform capacity: 500 lb (250 kg)
  • Platform size: 62.7 x 25.4 in (1.59 x 64 m)
  • Overall width: 32 in (81 m)
  • Tool weight: 2,630 lb (1,193 kg)
  • Power source: 4 x 6V 220 amp-hr

Mengenal fungsi dan keunggulan scissor lift di pekerjaan industri 3

JLG Scissor Lift R4045

  • Indoor/outdoor platform height: 39 ft 3 in/29 ft (11.97 m/8.8 m)
  • Indoor/outdoor platform capacity: 770 lb/550 lb (350 kg/250 kg)
  • Platform size: 96 x 44 in (2.43 x 1.13 m)
  • Overall width: 45 in (114.3 cm)
  • Tool weight: 7,000 lb (3,175 kg)
  • Power source: 4 x 12V 220 amp-hr

The R1932 and R4045 series are also equipped with a choice of amber beacon flashing options, AGM batteries, and spring-loaded gates which provide extra security in the scissor lift platform area. In addition, the R1932 and R4045 scissor lifts also have standardized features such as battery condition indicators, removable ladders, alarms, and a movable platform control that can be easily removed.

Advantages of JLG Scissor Lift R1932 and R4045

With various features that facilitate work in high areas, the JLG Scissor Lift R1932 and R4045 also have various other advantages, including:

Can be used in various work environments

Starting from construction work to maintenance work on buildings, R1933 and R4045 can be used almost anywhere where there is work to be done. Complete with thick rubber tires on the doors, as well as steel component platforms, the R1932 and R4045 series are tough and reliable, without compromising on performance and tool quality.

Easier Control and Service

The R1932 and R4045 series also do not have stacked parts, making it easy for servicing work without the need to remove many other components. Not only easy to service, JLG Scissor Lift R1932 and R4045 are also easy to control and operate. In terms of battery charging, R1932 and R4045 also have better battery charging technology, so work can be done more efficiently.

Increase security with Pothole Protection

A pothole in a scissor lift is a gap or hole formed on a scissor lift platform or work area. The pothole is usually located around the joint between the platform and the main frame of the scissor lift. When the scissor lift platform is in the down position or at a low level, the pothole can be seen as an open gap around the platform. Functioning as a security system, R1932 and R4045 are equipped with active pothole protection, so that

JLG Engine Scissor Lift 530LRT Specifications

Unlike the R Series scissor lifts which use battery resources, JLG also presents the 530LRT series scissor lifts which are powered by engines. It features key features such as a lower engine horsepower for better fuel efficiency, a standard 1.22m (4 ft) long deck that provides more space for workers and materials, and a standard oscillating axle for increased equipment durability. The following provides further information regarding the specifications of the JLG Scissor Lift 530LRT:

  • Platform height: 53 ft (16.2 m)
  • Platform capacity: 1,500 lb (680 kg)
  • Platform size: 73.5 x 156 in (1.87 x 3.96 m)
  • Overall width: 7 ft 7 in (2.31 m)
  • Dual fuel engine—Kubota WG972 (water cooled): 31 hp (23kW)
  • Diesel engine—Kubota D1305 Tier 4 Final (water cooled): 24 hp (17.9 kW)
  • Riding speed (elevated platform): 0.80 km/h / 0.5 mph
  • Driving speed (lower platform): 5.60 km/h / 3.5 mph

In addition, the 530LRT features an automatic transmission, 4ft (1.22m) manual deck extension, 4-wheel drive, and 110V-AC platform bays for more efficient and flexible work assignments.

Pros of the JLG Scissor Lift 530LRT

Apart from its superior features, the JLG Scissor Lift 530 LRT also has advantages that can increase productivity and maximum performance. Following are some of the advantages of the 530LRT series.

Bigger Platforms and Capacity

The 530 LRT makes work more efficient by increasing the lift capacity, as well as a bigger platform. The 530 LRT also has the option of one-touch leveling jacks, which can reduce tool setup time by up to 100% compared to other scissor lifts.

Overcome various work challenges that occur in the field

Featuring hydrostatic technology with four drive wheels, the JLG Scissor Lift 530LRT can withstand unmatched terrain and has up to 45% better slope ability. The 530 LRT can also automatically adjust altitude accurately when the scissor lift is at an angle of up to 5 degrees side to side, and up to four degrees front to back.

Complete with Optional Accessories

JLG Scissor Lift 530LRT is also equipped with additional accessories that you can choose from or adjust to your needs. Several choices of accessories from the 530LRT series are battery isolators, pipe rack accessories, flood lamps, 5.5k VA generators, wheel chocks, white noise motion alarms, and many more.

As a pioneer in the scissor lift industry, JLG is dedicated to safety, quality, and worker efficiency, and is a trusted partner for professionals in various industrial sectors around the world. Therefore, the JLG Scissor Lift R1943, R4045, and 530 LRT can be the right choice of equipment for the needs of the industrial and construction work that you are running.

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