Get to know the advantages and functions of boom lifts in the construction and factory industries

Boom Lift

Product | 03 July 2023

Heavy equipment is designed to make heavy work easier such as reaching difficult areas, providing safe access to heights, and various other activities. With its capabilities, heavy equipment has now become an important instrument for business owners in industrial fields such as construction projects, factories, and warehouses. There are many types of heavy equipment, each with its advantages in certain areas.

When discussing the construction and factory industries, one of the heavy equipment that is widely used is the boom lift. Boom lifts are heavy equipment that plays an important role in facilitating access to high and difficult-to-reach areas. What is a boom lift, its uses, and what advantages does a boom lift offer to construction project and factory business owners, let's look at the complete information below.

What is a Boom Lift

Before discussing the benefits and advantages of boom lift heavy equipment, of course, you need to know first what a boom lift is. A boom lift is heavy equipment consisting of a work platform mounted on a telescopic or articulating arm. With the help of a hydraulic system, the boom lift can be lifted and extended to the required height. Boom lifts are generally equipped with operator controls on the work platform that allows the user to control the position and height of the platform safely and easily.

Uses of Boom Lifts

Boom lifts have various uses in heavy jobs. In the construction industry, boom lifts are commonly used to make it easier to access high areas such as installing steel structures, painting buildings, roof repairs, installing glass, and so on. Meanwhile, in many jobs carried out in factories, boom lifts are widely used as a tool that makes it easier to maintain machines, carry out installations, repair facilities, and various other jobs.

Advantages of Using a Boom Lift

In construction work and factories, boom lifts also have various advantages such as:

1. Access to Reach Safer High Areas

By its use for reaching high areas, using a boom lift in construction project areas or factories also provides more safety for workers, compared to doing it manually without the help of tools.

2. Makes it easier to install and lift materials

With more guaranteed worker safety, installing and lifting materials by workers also becomes easier because boom lifts can transport people and goods at the same time. So, workers can carry several tools and materials at once without having to bother going up and down, and it is more time efficient.

3. Easy to Move

Boom lifts have wheels at the bottom, with these wheels the tool is easier to move from one place to another. Work productivity can also increase because workers can carry out installation or maintenance work in one trip.

A Brief History of the JLG Brand

JLG Industries, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of heavy equipment including aerial work platforms and telehandlers. Founded in 1969 by John Landis Grove, JLG had a vision to provide safety for jobs requiring access to heights. Initially consisting of a team of 20 workers, John Landis Grove manufactured and sold his first tool in 1970. After that, the company grew rapidly, and by the early 1980s, JLG had become the leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms in the United States.

JLG continued its innovation during the 1980s and 1990s, and by the end of the 20th century, JLG had succeeded in becoming a global leader in the aerial heavy equipment industry. In 2006, JLG was acquired by Oshkosh Corporation. Today, JLG has its headquarters located in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, and has more than 5,000 employees spread throughout the world. JLG continues to innovate and develop new products and remains committed to providing the safest and most efficient access solutions for its customers. JLG has many variations of aerial platform equipment, one of which is the boom lift. Boom lifts from JLG also have various types of capacities, sizes, and different features. One of JLG's superior boom lifts is the JLG Articulating Boom Lift 1250AJP series which is capable of reaching a height of 120 feet in 95 seconds and is equipped with a fuel-efficient Tier 4 engine.

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JLG Articulating Boom Lift 1250AJP specifications

The JLG Boom Lift 1250AJP is the solution for many jobs. With a platform height of 125 feet and a horizontal reach of 65 feet, the 1250AJP can reach high areas that are difficult to access. In addition, the 1250AJP series also has a dual platform capacity of 1,000 pounds/500 pounds (restricted/unrestricted) which allows you to transport more workers or materials safely to the job site. The following are further specifications of the JLG Articulating Boom Lift 1250AJP:

- Platform Height: 38.30 m / 125.7 ft

- Horizontal Reach: 19.25 m / 63.2 ft

- Capacity - Fuel Tank: 117 L / 30.9 gal.

- Steering Speed - 4WD: 5.20 km/h / 3.2 mph

- Gradeability - 4WD: 45 %

In addition, the JLG Boom Lift 1250AJP is also equipped with a QuikStick® boom design, which makes it easy to raise and lower the platform in a shorter time, thereby saving time on work. The 1250AJP series from JLG Boom Lift is the best choice for those of you who are looking for a boom lift that is strong, versatile, and safe.

Advantages of JLG Articulating Boom Lift 1250AJP

After knowing more specifications about the JLG Articulating Boom Lift 1250AJP series, you also need to know some of the advantages that this tool has, such as:

1. More economical

JLG Articulating Boom Lift 1250AJP is designed to be more economical and environmentally friendly. The 1250AJP incorporates technology that generates less hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide, as well as minimal emissions, with the Stage IIIB-compliant engine technology found in this series.

2. Increase Productivity

Equipped with a hydrostatic actuator, the JLG Articulating Boom Lift 1250AJP makes it easy for operators to maneuver at various speeds with ease and precision. With QuikStik® boom technology, the 1250AJP series can also reach a height of 40m in less than 115 seconds. So, work that requires access to heights can be completed more quickly using the 1250AJP series.

3. More Access

Having a standard oscillating axle and four-wheel drive, the JLG Articulating Boom Lift 1250AJP provides stability and grip optimization that can tackle difficult terrain.

4. Units that have Smart Design

The JLG Articulating Boom Lift 1250AJP also has the latest design, has simpler control buttons, and is easier to use because it is designed with customer preference in mind. Operators don't need to spend a lot of time learning how to use the platform control buttons.

5. Equipped with Accessory Options

The 1250AJP series can also use a variety of accessory options and can be tailored to your needs and desires. Some of the accessory options that can be used on the JLG Articulating Boom Lift 1250AJP are alarm packages, light packages, flashing amber beacons, 4,000W on-board generators, head & tail lights, and many more.

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