Discover the Functions and Advantages of the Raymond 7720 Reach Truck Forklift

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Product | 22 May 2023

The use of heavy equipment is already familiar in the fields of construction and industry. These tools provide convenience and efficiency in tasks such as excavation, material handling, and large-scale structural construction. There are many types of heavy equipment available, each with its own functions and special features.

Among the various options of heavy equipment, forklifts are widely used because they can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor tasks. Forklifts come in many variations, and one of them is the Raymond 7720 Reach Truck Forklift, which is renowned for its ability to lift and move items with high precision on racks or high shelves in warehouses or distribution centers.

What is a Forklift Reach Truck?

A Forklift Reach Truck is a type of forklift that is designed to facilitate the lifting and moving of goods in warehouses or storage areas with narrow and high aisles. Forklift reach trucks enable tasks that require access to high storage racks, thereby helping to optimize space utilization in the warehouse. This is made possible because the forklift reach truck has a slim body, a large load-carrying capacity, and the ability to reach heights.

The Uses of a Forklift Reach Truck

A forklift reach truck serves various purposes, particularly in industries where activities are frequently carried out in warehouses. Some of the uses of a forklift reach truck include:

1.Transporting various types of goods

A forklift reach truck can be used to transport different types of goods, varying in weight and size, such as raw materials, finished products, or other materials.

2.Moving and lifting goods within the warehouse

In addition to transportation, a forklift reach truck is also useful for moving goods with its large load-carrying capacity in a single trip.

Advantages of Using a Forklift Reach Truck

A forklift reach truck also offers various advantages when used for material handling tasks, including:

1.Improved efficiency and productivity

A forklift reach truck is capable of transporting and moving a large amount of load quickly in a single trip, enabling more tasks to be completed within a shorter time frame.

2.Enhanced safety

Workers no longer need to manually reach for and move heavy objects, reducing the risk of injuries or accidents. Therefore, the use of a forklift reach truck can contribute to increased safety for the operators.

3.Excellent maneuverability

Forklift reach trucks are designed with rear-wheel steering, allowing them to rotate in tight spaces and maneuver easily in confined areas.

The history of the Toyota and BT Raymond brands

Toyota and BT Raymond are two companies that manufacture material handling equipment such as forklifts, pallet trucks, and reach trucks. Toyota Industries Corporation was founded in 1926 by Kiichiro Toyoda, while BT Raymond was established in 1948 by BT Industries AB. BT Industries AB was acquired by Toyota Industries Corporation in 2000.

After the acquisition by Toyota, BT Raymond entered a new era in its history and continued to develop its material handling products. BT Raymond forklifts are well-known worldwide for their technological innovation, ergonomic design, reliability, and high efficiency. Today, BT Raymond is one of the leading brands within the Toyota Material Handling Group and is produced globally. Among its range of outstanding products, the Raymond 7720 Reach Truck offers specifications and features that meet your needs.

The specifications of the Raymond 7720 Reach Truck

The Raymond 7720 Reach Truck is designed with innovative systems that make it superior in terms of load stability at heights. This series of Raymond forklifts provides a solution for operators to efficiently and comfortably stack or move goods from one area to another, even with a considerable distance from the warehouse location. The Raymond 7720 Reach Truck is equipped with these specifications to facilitate such tasks.

  • Capacity: 1.7 - 2.2 Ton
  • Lift Height: Up to 11.2m
  • Double Deep Capacity: 1.6 Ton
  • Battery: 36 volt

Additionally, the Raymond 7720 Reach Truck is capable of working for longer periods, even with lower battery power. With a single battery replacement, pallet handling or other material movement tasks can be completed, resulting in fewer disruptions during operations and positively impacting productivity. The Raymond 7720 Reach Truck also features a more efficient design, making it suitable for maneuvering in narrow aisles with improved positioning.

The features of the Raymond 7720 Reach Truck

Uncompromised Performance

The 7000 series by Raymond emphasizes "Eco-Performance" technology, which not only enables energy savings but also generates energy, reduces costs, and improves productivity. The Raymond 7720 incorporates the ACR system, providing faster acceleration. It consumes 21% less energy compared to its competitors, resulting in lower fuel costs and reduced emissions.

Smooth Operation for Busy Tasks

The Raymond 7720 Reach Truck operates smoothly, allowing operators to accomplish more tasks in less time. It offers quick lifting and lowering capabilities and can move at high or low speeds with enhanced precision. The exclusive steered idler wheel of the Raymond 7720 ensures better load handling and steering control.

Optimization in Every Aspect

Every aspect of the Raymond 7720 is optimized to enhance operator comfort and efficiency. It features intuitive control handles, a patented open view mast for improved visibility, and a universal stack stance for easy load handling and maneuverability.

Reduced Downtime

The Raymond 7720 is designed to minimize downtime with reliable features such as the ACR system, onboard diagnostic features for quick issue identification, components designed for easy maintenance, and various other features that maximize its working time. The Raymond 7720 Reach Truck offers convenience for industrial businesses or warehouses. If you're interested in renting this unit, SHN provides flexible long-term rental options starting from annual terms. Visit their website here to learn more about the Raymond 7720 Reach Truck. You can also contact the SHN Contact Center at 1500-072 (Ext.5) or via WhatsApp at 0811-7230-383, or visit the SHN website here to find information about unit availability and other services provided by SHN.