Advantages of Forklift Reach Trucks in Factory and Warehouse Jobs

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Product | 14 April 2023

Forklifts have a function to facilitate various types of work that require transporting goods and moving goods with a large capacity and a faster time. From these functions, forklifts are widely used in various fields of business, but forklifts also have many variants which also have their advantages in certain fields. In a business that has a lot of activities in factories and warehouses, one type of forklift that is right to use is a type of forklift reach truck. Forklift reach trucks are forklifts that can transport goods to higher distances, compared to conventional forklifts. In addition, in factory and warehousing work, this type of forklift also has various other advantages. The following are the advantages of a forklift reach truck for factory and warehouse work.

Increase Productivity

In warehousing and factory activities, forklift reach trucks can help increase the productivity of the work being done. This is because forklift-reach trucks can reach higher heights than forklifts in general, so forklift operators can move goods to high places more quickly and efficiently.

Have Good Maneuverability

The reach truck type forklift has a sleek and compact design, making it suitable for operating in tight spaces. In addition, the forklift reach truck also can maneuver up to 360 degrees without requiring a large space, and the forklift reach truck can easily turn and move in narrow alleys. With this good maneuverability, the forklift reach truck can maximize the activities of picking and placing goods on high shelves and narrow aisles in warehouses and factories.

Maintain Goods Security

In addition to productivity, goods that are moved using a forklift reach truck are certainly safer than work done manually. This tool is equipped with various features such as load sensors, security systems, and other technologies that help maintain the safety of goods transported using forklift-reach trucks.

Increasing Worker Safety Levels

Not only goods, using a forklift reach truck in factory and warehouse work also increases the level of safety for workers. Because workers only need to operate forklifts to reach trucks correctly, and no longer need to lift and move goods to high places manually which poses a risk to worker safety. That way, workers can work more effectively and increase business productivity.

High Flexibility

Using forklift-reach trucks in warehouse and factory activities is also beneficial because forklift-reach trucks have high flexibility. Forklift reach trucks can transport various types of loads such as pallets and also boxes that have heavy loads. In addition, forklift-reach trucks can lift and move loads to places that are difficult to reach manually, such as high shelves and narrow aisles. That way, forklift operators can handle various situations and environments more easily and effectively. With the various advantages offered by the forklift reach truck, it is the right answer for business owners who have busy activities in factories and warehousing. If you need a forklift reach truck, SHN provides a forklift reach truck rental service on a long-term basis, the quality of which is guaranteed. To get more information about forklift reach trucks from SHN, you can access the following page. And if you want to find out information about other services available at SHN, you can visit the official SHN page here, or you can also contact the SHN Contact Center at 1500-072 (Ext.5) and Whatsapp at 0811-7230-383.