Advantages of Buying Used Equipment Units and Things to Look For

Used Equipment

Product | 13 February 2023

Heavy equipment is no stranger to industrial project work, and the costs that need to be spent to buy heavy equipment are not cheap. As an industrial business owner, investing in the latest work tools is indeed important, but you also need to pay attention to cash flow conditions. If you are planning new projects and need to reduce expenses in buying heavy equipment, buying used equipment can be the right option because used equipment also has various advantages to offer. Following are the advantages that you can get if you buy used equipment offered by Swadaya Harapan Nusantara (SHN) a heavy equipment rental service provider company.

Work Productivity that Remains the Same with More Competitive Prices

Some used equipment may not have the technological features or security systems that are as good as new heavy equipment. But in terms of function, used equipment can still compete with new equipment, especially if the heavy equipment gets good maintenance, then the productivity of your project work can continue well with relatively cheaper capital to purchase heavy equipment.

Has a resale price that is still classified as good

As already mentioned, heavy equipment does require quite a large amount of money and requires long-term planning if you decide to buy the latest heavy equipment, bearing in mind that if your projects are more short-term, reselling heavy equipment will cut around 20 to 40 percent of the initial purchase price. It will be a different story if you choose to buy used equipment because even if you decide to resell it, the market price of used heavy equipment tends to be more stable. You can also keep proof of receipt of the maintenance you have done on your used equipment to increase resale value.

After you know the advantages of buying used equipment, of course, buying items that are not new also needs to pay attention to several things so that the used equipment we buy can still operate properly. What are the things to consider when you decide to buy used equipment?

1. Checking the Physical Machine

The physical condition of the machine is an indicator of the quality of the machine and also how it was previously treated, therefore you need to see the physical condition of the unit you will choose. Some things you need to pay attention to are the physical condition of the machine, the presence or absence of visible signs of damage, the appearance of the shape of the machine following the original standards, signs of oil leaks on the engine, and also signs of repainting the engine.

2. Test Drive Unit

Doing a machine operation test or direct test drive is also important. Because by doing this, you can ensure engine performance and whether is it still suitable for use in the long term or vice versa. Also, pay attention to how the engine sounds when it is turned on and combine the movements that the machine can make when you are operating it.

3. Examine the Underside of the Hood

The condition under the hood of the machine should not be ignored, because this condition can be an indication of whether or not there is an engine problem that has previously occurred. For example, the sign of used oil leaking that you can see under the hood. If the oil in the engine leaks, it can interfere with the performance of the tool because it affects the transmission of the engine.

4. Check the Brand of Used Equipment

The brand also has influence and comfort in machine operation and quality. So checking the brand is no less important. Each brand has its quality in terms of comfort to performance. If you are used to using a particular brand or machine, you can choose the same brand so that no adjustments are needed in terms of operations that can hinder work productivity. In addition, the brand also affects the availability of spare parts.

After knowing the advantages and things that need to be considered if you choose to buy used equipment, of course now you need to find a trusted used equipment purchasing service provider. Swadaya Harapan Nusantara (SHN), which is committed to being a solution partner for your needs, provides reliable used equipment purchasing services with a variety of units ranging from forklifts, reach trucks, or pallet movers which you can find here. Apart from that, SHN also has other services such as heavy equipment rental and generator installation which you can find complete information on SHN's official website here. and also through the SHN Contact Center at 1500-072 (Ext.5) and Whatsapp at 0811-7230-383.