5 Advantages of Using an Electric Forklift


Product | 13 March 2023

The forklift is one type of heavy equipment used for industrial needs. This tool has the function of making it easier to lift and move heavy goods in factory areas and warehouses. Forklifts are also equipped with a fork or fork that can be raised and lowered to pick up and move goods. Forklifts are distinguished not only by their model and use but also by the type of fuel used.

In general, forklifts have 4 variants of energy sources, namely diesel fuel, gasoline fuel, gas fuel, and batteries or electricity. Each type of fuel certainly has its advantages and disadvantages, but lately, the use of electric forklifts is often popular because of its advantages and is also more environmentally friendly than other resources. So, besides being environmentally friendly, what are the advantages of using an electric forklift? Check out the explanation below!

Greater Load Lifting Capacity

Electric forklifts have batteries that are heavy enough so that the forklift's center of gravity becomes lower and the stability of the forklift is better and safer. Therefore, with a forklift that has a slimmer body, even an electric forklift is still able to lift heavier loads.

Have Easier Maintenance

Forklifts with electric fuel have fewer mechanical components when compared to conventional forklifts so, in terms of maintenance, this type of forklift is classified as easier and requires less maintenance because the owner does not need to replace the fuel filter, oil filter, and so on.

Save on Treatment Costs

Even though the price of an electric forklift may cost more than a conventional forklift, if calculated in operational and maintenance costs, using an electric forklift will be more economical than a conventional forklift. Electric forklifts also tend to have a longer life cycle.

Can Be Used Indoors

Because electric forklifts are environmentally friendly and do not produce harmful exhaust emissions, electric forklifts can be used safely indoors or outdoors without the need for special ventilation. Electric forklifts also do not have mufflers and fuel tanks, thus increasing the operator's visibility and also making it easier to move the back of the forklift body. In addition, this type of forklift does not disturb the surrounding environment because it does not produce loud noises.

Easy to Operate

Forklifts with electric fuel do not have excessive vibration when the engine is running so the operator can be more comfortable when operating this heavy equipment. Electric forklifts are also easier to control because this type of forklift has better control and is more responsive. After knowing some of the advantages of using electric forklifts, it can be concluded that electric forklifts can be the first choice for companies that want to increase productivity and reduce operational costs at the same time. No wonder this type of forklift is increasingly being used in various industrial sectors. Swadaya Harapan Nusantara as the solution partner you need also provides various types of forklifts that use electric fuel for those of you who need or have the desire to rent or buy an electric forklift. You can get more complete information about the available electric forklift unit variants or other heavy equipment services available at SHN by visiting the SHN official website or through the SHN Contact Center at 1500-072 (Ext.5) and Whatsapp at 0811-7230- 383.