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Privacy Policy

All of the information contained in this website is the subject of copyright©️ in favour of P T Swadaya Harapan Nusantara and third parties. You must not carry out or permit any act which infringes any of those rights and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you specifically acknowledge that you may not copy the material in the website.

PT Swadaya Harapan Nusantara recognizes and respects the privacy interest of individuals with regard to personal information provided to us.

How do we collect personal information?

We collect the personal information that you supply to us, through the Product Inqury and Contact Us Form on our website. We may also collect personal information from other sources, both within and outside the company. When you click on links on our site that take you to third-party web sites (for example, sites which are not controlled by us), you will be subject to the third parties’ privacy policies. While we support the protection of privacy on the Internet, PT Swadaya Harapan Nusantara cannot be responsible for the actions of any third-party web sites. We encourage you to read the posted privacy statement of any and every site you visit, whether you are linking from our site or browsing on your own.

What personal information do we collect?

The Product Inquiry form and Contact Us form collects personal information to identify you by name and submits these details to contacts within PT Swadaya Harapan Nusantara.

How do we use this personal information?

Personal information collected by us through the The Product Inquiry form and Contact Us form will only be used to respond to your inquiry.

How do we safeguard personal information?

PT Swadaya Harapan Nusantara utilizes reasonable measures to protect personal information against loss, manipulation, falsification, unauthorized access, or unauthorized disclosure by any party inside or outside our company.

Will we disclose the personal information that we collect?

We may disclose your personal information when it is necessary to answer your inquiry and to fulfil the purposes of the Contact Us Form. In any case, the disclosure of personal information is given only to those with a legitimate business reason to access the information. Notwithstanding the above disclosures, we will disclose personal information when required or permitted by law.

How may I access my personal information?

Upon request, and after providing satisfactory proof of identity, individuals may be given access to the personal information they have provided through the submission of this form. PT Swadaya Harapan Nusantara retains personal information provided to us only as long as needed to fulfil your request and for necessary follow-up and otherwise as provided by law.

Your consent

By providing personal information to us, you consent to the collection and use of the personal information in accordance with the purposes described in this privacy statement.

Where can I obtain further information about this privacy statement?

You may contact the site administrator by phone.

What happens if this privacy statement changes?

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Statement. If the statement changes the changes will be made on this page. Your use of the Contact Us form following the posting of changes to the Data Privacy Statement will demonstrate your acceptance of those changes.


At PT Swadaya Harapan Nusantara, we take your privacy seriously. We use no browser cookies to store personally identifiable information about you. Please see below for details of the cookies used on this website. Cookies used on this site Google Maps This website uses Google Maps to power the map functionality on our Store Locator and Contact Us page. Google set the following cookies: NID & PREF. These cookies are used by Google to store user preferences and information. Web traffic measurement: Google Analytics The Google Analytics tracking used on this website uses a single cookie named _ga to store a unique anonymous identifier, which is a randomly generated number.

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