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Pallet Mover Electric Platform

The BT Levio P-series has an essential simplicity, making this pallet truck smooth, easy to use and powerful. With a maximum speeds of 12.5 kilometers per hour, impressive lift and lower performance and low energy consumption, these P-series trucks can achieve more work cycles per battery charge than conventional powered pallet trucks. The Optimized Truck Performance (OTP) feature offers speed control when cornering and smooth driving in pedestrian mode resulting in optimum stability and increased safety for driver and load.
The LPE models feature BT Power track ensuring that the drive-wheel grip is always optimized according to load weight.

- Load capacity up to 2.5 tones at 600 mm load center
- Fork lengths up to 2350 mm
- High drive speeds and manoeuvre abillity
- Optimized Truck Performance
- BT Power track

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