Various Benefits of Heavy Equipment Rental at SHN


Product | 17 July 2023

In the construction project business, heavy equipment plays a very important role in ensuring the smoothness and efficiency of work. However, heavy equipment itself is not easy to obtain considering the prices continue to soar, while the need for heavy equipment for projects and businesses certainly cannot be abandoned. Due to this problem, several companies choose to rent heavy equipment, considering the various benefits offered by the rental option. 

SHN has short-term and long-term heavy equipment rental services, which provide flexibility in the rental period that you can adjust to your needs. If you are a business person who is interested in renting heavy equipment, here are some of the benefits of renting heavy equipment at SHN, that you can consider for your business.

1. Lower costs incurred

In the fast-paced world of the construction industry, construction companies naturally want to try to optimize their resources. By choosing to rent heavy equipment, large initial investment costs can be avoided, and you can manage expenses and budget costs more optimally.

With heavy equipment rental, you only need to pay a rental fee according to the period of use. This certainly helps save capital which can be allocated to other urgent areas in the company's projects or operations. In addition, you are also free from the cost of routine maintenance of the tool which also needs to be incurred, so that the condition of the tool remains in top condition.

2. Get Heavy Equipment with the Latest Technology

From time to time, machines get improvements in the technology used. The more sophisticated the equipment, the more expensive it is, but by renting heavy equipment at SHN, you can get the latest heavy equipment at a lower cost and adjusted to your rental period.

Using heavy equipment with the latest technology also plays a role in helping increase worker productivity in construction projects or warehousing activities, and also increases the safety of heavy equipment operators while working, and work can be done more safely and efficiently.

3. Offers Advantages in Flexibility and Unit Availability

SHN provides short-term rental options for daily, weekly, and annual rental services and long-term rental options for a minimum rental period of 1 year. Apart from that, SHN also has a variety of heavy equipment variants ranging from forklifts which are commonly used for warehousing activities, boom lifts, and scissor lifts for work that requires high area coverage, to mini excavators to make work easier in construction areas, all available for rent at SHN.

Through variations in unit availability and flexible rental options, you don't need to worry when your project suddenly requires other types of heavy equipment that are not yet available on site, and it is also easier for you to arrange the heavy equipment rental period according to your project schedule.

4. Guaranteed Equipment Maintenance Services

As previously mentioned, heavy equipment needs regular maintenance to maintain the quality of the equipment. If you choose to rent heavy equipment at SHN, then you don't need to worry about the quality of the heavy equipment offered, because all the heavy equipment available at SHN is regularly maintained. Apart from that, there is also an SHN Support service that is ready to help with your heavy equipment problems and needs and is handled by certified mechanics from SHN.

5. Save Time and Labor

Last but not least, renting heavy equipment also provides benefits for you business owners in terms of time, because you don't need to spend time doing equipment maintenance or looking for a place to store heavy equipment. Apart from that, you can also increase work efficiency in the project area with heavy equipment that has adequate technology, because work can be done more quickly without needing to increase the number of workers you have.

Heavy equipment rental offers many advantages in construction projects, as well as providing significant advantages for industrial business owners in terms of flexibility, cost, maintenance, and technical support. Heavy equipment rental also provides an efficient and cost-effective solution, allowing you to focus more on completing projects successfully.

If you are interested in renting heavy equipment at SHN, you can directly contact the SHN Contact Center at 1500-072 (Ext.5) or Whatsapp at 0811-7230-383 to get further information regarding the availability and specifications of the unit you want. You can also visit the SHN website here, to find out about other services available at SHN.