TOYOTA ELECTRIC FORKLIFT 8FB SERIES: Environmentally Friendly Features with Optimal Performance


Product | 06 September 2023

A forklift is a type of heavy equipment that has the function of making difficult or heavy jobs easier for workers to do manually. Having many variations that can be adapted to the needs of business owners, makes forklifts popular for use in many types of industries ranging from logistics and warehousing, agriculture, manufacturing, and various other industries.

As we already know, industrial business has an important role in economic growth, creating a work environment, and even climate change and its impact on the environment. The use of materials and fuel from heavy equipment which produces gas emissions as well as the consumption of fossil fuels from heavy equipment and industrial work, if not managed properly, has the potential to hurt the environment, therefore several companies, such as Toyota, provide alternative fuel use options so that more environmentally friendly, and contributes to creating a healthier environment with minimal emissions.

A Brief History of the Toyota Material Handling Brand

Toyota Material Handling, part of Toyota Industries Corporation, has a long history that began in 1926 when Toyota Industries first produced automatic weaving machines. In 1956, Toyota introduced its first forklift, the Model LA, which marked the company's start in the material handling equipment business. As time goes by, Toyota Material Handling continues to develop its technology and products, presenting various innovations such as automatic control systems and electric forklifts. In 2001, Toyota Material Handling merged its operations with BT Industries, a leading forklift manufacturer in Sweden. This strengthens its position in the global market. Since then, Toyota Material Handling has continued to develop and become one of the world leaders in the material handling equipment industry with high-quality products and efficient solutions.

Toyota Material Handling is part of the Toyota Industries Corporation which began in 1926. In 1956, Toyota began introducing its first type of forklift, and became the company's starting point in the material handling equipment business. Toyota Material Handling now continues to develop and innovate in the material handling equipment industry. Now, there are many types of quality heavy equipment from Toyota Material Handling, including forklifts, reach trucks, and pallet trucks, which are solutions for warehouse and logistics facility needs. With high-quality products and a commitment to efficiency, Toyota Material Handling continues to support various industries such as manufacturing, distribution, and logistics throughout the world.

Toyota electric forklift 8fb series fitur ramah lingkungan dengan kinerja optimal 1


Designed to make moving and lifting goods easier, the TOYOTA ELECTRIC FORKLIFT 8FB SERIES comes with a larger load capacity and the latest technology to make machine operation easier. The main specifications of the 8FB series are:

  • Load capacity: 1,000 - 3,500 kg
  • Load center: 500 mm
  • Overall width: 1,060 - 1,240 mm
  • Turning radius (outside): 1,750 - 2,270 mm
  • Overheard guard height: 2,025 - 2,195 mm
  • Length to fork face: 2,075 - 2,290 mm

Apart from that, the TOYOTA ELECTRIC FORKLIFT 8FB SERIES also has a high water resistance (IPX4) feature, so this forklift can be used in various terrains and work areas.


With the specifications mentioned, the TOYOTA ELECTRIC FORKLIFT 8FB SERIES also has advantages such as:

Good Maneuverability

TOYOTA ELECTRIC FORKLIFT 8FB SERIES is equipped with SAS & OPS plus technology. These two technologies maintain the stability of the forklift so that when it is being operated to transport goods, the forklift remains safe and sturdy. TOYOTA ELECTRIC FORKLIFT 8FB SERIES can also be operated more smoothly because it has an automatic turn-speed control feature. This feature allows the forklift to adjust speed based on lift height, load weight, and turning radius so that maneuvering is easier and more stable.

Complete with Environmentally Friendly Features

By using electrical energy as fuel, the TOYOTA ELECTRIC FORKLIFT 8FB SERIES is more environmentally friendly and does not produce exhaust emissions. This feature is an important step in creating a healthier environment and reducing negative impacts on the air and work environment. With no exhaust emissions, this electric forklift can be used in warehouses or closed facilities without worrying about indoor air pollution.

More Efficient Energy Use

Compared with several other units and series, the TOYOTA ELECTRIC FORKLIFT 8FB SERIES can operate for a longer time, even though it has the same battery capacity as the other units. With a duration difference of up to 1 hour. TOYOTA ELECTRIC FORKLIFT 8FB SERIES was developed with engine and motor-driver technology that minimizes energy waste, the engine heats up less and consumes less energy, which results in longer forklift operational time.

Prioritizing Operator Safety and Comfort

Because the TOYOTA ELECTRIC FORKLIFT 8FB SERIES can operate longer, the operator can do more work in one day. Therefore, this series of forklifts also prioritizes operator comfort and safety when operating the forklift.

TOYOTA ELECTRIC FORKLIFT 8FB SERIES is equipped with an LED Headlights variant, which is an energy-saving LED lamp, but can last a long time. This LED light also has a strong structure, so it is resistant to breaking, even if the road is not smooth. For safety and comfort, the TOYOTA ELECTRIC FORKLIFT 8FB SERIES also has seat belt options, rear-pillar assist grip, as well as comfortable leg space to reduce operator fatigue while working.

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