Tips for Caring for Generators Properly and Safely

Generators Set

Product | 08 February 2023

Generator sets or generators are a backup power source that is familiar to the public. This tool is not only used in companies, but is also often the choice of emergency power in residential areas, large-scale properties, to hospitals and factories. on the generator. Here are some tips on caring for generators properly so that the engine lasts a long time.

1. Placing the Genset in a Dry Place

The position of laying the generator is one that must be considered so that this tool can function and be properly maintained. If the generator is placed carelessly, such as in a place that is prone to runny or exposed to the hot sun, the generator will be damaged quickly. Therefore, you need to ensure that the generator is always placed in a dry environment.

2. Ensure good air circulation

In addition to placing the generator in a dry place, the operating room of the generator must also have good air circulation considering that the generator produces exhaust gas from its combustion through exhaust fumes. With well-maintained air circulation, the generator engine does not heat up easily and the users are safe from the toxins produced by the exhaust gases.

3. Warm up the Genset

Like motorized machines that need to be warmed up before being used, generators also need to be warmed up so that the engine continues to work actively. This warm-up is enough to do once a week for 5 to 10 minutes.

4. Maintain Cleanliness of the Genset

The next thing to pay attention to when caring for a generator is the cleanliness of the generator itself. Not only is the location of the placement clean, but also the internals of the generator. Make sure dust, oil, dirt or water that sticks to the generator is cleaned regularly so that the generator is not easily damaged.

5. Pay attention to the cable section

Installation and use of cables is also an important component in generator maintenance. Make sure the cable is not damaged or torn. By ensuring the use and installation of cables is done properly, you can prevent short circuits or serum shocks.

6. Check Fuel, Battery and Oil Periodically

In order for the generator to continue to work optimally, of course, maintenance is needed on the inside of the generator. Check the oil from time to time so that the generator's performance is maintained, if the color of the oil looks cloudy or is below normal levels, it is necessary to replace the oil. Apart from that, you also need to ensure that the fuel condition in the generator is always sufficient before turning on the generator, because premature damage to the generator can occur if the generator fuel is left until the generator engine turns itself off. Furthermore, checking the generator battery also needs to be done, make sure the battery terminal connection grooves are not loose so that the "starting" of the generator is not hampered.

7. Replace spare parts that are not working optimally

The condition of spare parts that have been used for quite a long time also needs to be considered, if it is too long then of course the spare parts on the generator need to be replaced or repaired. Because if it is not replaced immediately, other components of the generator can also be damaged and cause the generator to die as a whole. You can also check the manual of the generator that you have to find out the inspection schedule and what parts of the generator need to be replaced.

8. Check the Distilled Water in the Battery Section

The battery part of the generator has distilled water which needs to be refilled, generally, refilling distilled water is done every 2 to 3 years. The condition of the distilled water affects the performance quality of the generator, so maintenance on this part also needs to be considered properly.

9. Maintaining the Cooling System

Another thing that also needs to be maintained so that the generator remains in good condition is the cooling system. In caring for this cooling system you need to do it carefully to avoid damage to the cooling fins or radiator fins. To clean the radiator, you can use low pressure compressed air or use a stream of water in the opposite direction to the normal radiator airflow. In addition, the cooling system can also be maintained by checking the coolant level when the engine is not running.

Those are some tips that you can try to maintain generators properly and safely. With proper maintenance, the generator will work optimally and not be easily damaged. Apart from good maintenance, you also need to choose to use a generator whose quality is trusted, which also plays a role in good generator performance. For this reason, currently Swadaya Harapan Nusantara (SHN) is working with FG Wilson to provide generators from FG Wilson, whose quality and performance are trusted. With a wide variety of generator capacity options, the FG Wilson Genset is ready to be a backup power solution for your business or residential needs. Get detailed information about the FG Wilson Genset here or via the SHN Contact Center at 1500-072 (Ext. 5) & Whatsapp at 0811-7230-383.