RAYMOND Reach Truck Double Deep: The Right Unit to Speed Up Warehouse Distribution and Manufacturing


Product | 20 September 2023

The warehouse distribution and manufacturing industries face increasing demands in terms of operational efficiency and on-time delivery. Amid intense competition and an ever-changing business environment, companies need to be required to optimize every stage of their work. Heavy equipment also plays an important role in optimizing work in industry. RAYMOND Reach Truck Double Deep is the answer to various needs in the warehouse and distribution environment.

A Brief History of the RAYMOND Brand

Raymond Corporation was founded in 1922 by George G. Raymond Sr. in Greene, New York. The Lyon-Raymond Model 700 SpaceMaker is the first narrow aisle lift truck launched by this company and is superior for operating in work areas that have aisles. Over the next several decades, Raymond continued to develop forklift technology and introduce innovations, including efficient battery-powered forklifts. The company is also known for developing ergonomic forklift concepts that help reduce operator fatigue.

RAYMOND and Toyota Material Handling collaboration

In 1989, Toyota Industries Corporation, which also owned the Toyota Material Handling division, purchased a majority stake in Raymond Corporation. This brought two leading companies in the material handling equipment industry together in a powerful conglomerate. This collaboration also has a positive impact and brings various benefits to both companies, such as collaboration of knowledge and technology in the development of forklifts and material handling equipment. Toyota Material Handling has a strong global presence, and the collaboration with RAYMOND has helped them expand their market coverage in North America and other regions.

With this ongoing collaboration, RAYMOND and Toyota Material Handling have created a strong synergy in the materials handling industry, with a focus on developing new technologies, environmental sustainability, and superior customer service. This history of cooperation reflects the commitment of both companies to improve operational efficiency and provide the best solutions to their customers around the world.

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RAYMOND Reach Truck Double Deep specifications

The RAYMOND Reach Truck Double Deep is useful for making it easier to store, retrieve, and organize goods in the warehouse and manufacturing industries, which are synonymous with limited space. This unit has the following specifications:

  • Capacity: 1.7 - 2.2 Tons
  • Lift Height: Up To 11.2m
  • Double Deep Capacity: 1.6 Tons
  • Battery: 36 volts

Each unit is also equipped with a safety system such as a backup buzzer which provides a sound warning when the vehicle is moving backward, a flash beacon as an emergency light which provides a visual warning about the presence or activity of the vehicle, an APAR/Fire Extinguisher which is a device used to extinguish initial fires.

Advantages of RAYMOND Reach Truck Double Deep in Warehouse Work

RAYMOND's Double Deep Reach Truck can maximize the work of storing and distributing goods in warehouses, which requires efficient stock management. Some of the advantages of the RAYMOND RAYMOND Reach Truck Double Deep in Warehouse Work include:

1.More Efficient Use of Space

Double Deep Reach Trucks allow stacking pallets to be stored so that space usage in the warehouse is more optimal and reduces the need for wide storage aisles. With more room capacity, the goods that can be stored in one warehouse will automatically increase.

2.Maneuverability in Narrow Hallways

This forklift can operate in narrow aisles. By maximizing space, road access in the warehouse area can become narrower. Using the RAYMOND Reach Truck Double Deep also makes it easier to move goods in narrow aisles so that productivity continues.

3.High Productivity

Operators who drive the RAYMOND Reach Truck Double Deep can work efficiently, thereby saving time in the process of picking and placing goods. The overall productivity of warehouse operations also increases.

4.Enhanced Operator Safety

Operator safety is a top priority in heavy-duty work. Safety features such as Back-Up Buzzer and Flash Beacon help reduce the risk of workplace accidents, keeping operators and goods safe.

5.Operational Flexibility

This forklift can be used in various types of warehouses, including storage warehouses, distribution centers, and logistics facilities.

Advantages of RAYMOND Reach Truck Double Deep in the Manufacturing Industry

Not only does RAYMOND Reach Truck Double Deep excel at warehouse work, but it is also known for delivering ease of work in the manufacturing industry, such as:

1.Easy Access in Confined Environments

With high maneuverability in narrow aisles, forklift operators can access raw materials easily, even in confined spaces. Ease of access to certain areas helps the production process to be maintained smoothly.

2.Reduces Loading and Discharging Times

Reach Truck Double Deep allows operators to move or lift goods with more capacity, reducing the frequency of moving raw materials and finished products. This saves delivery truck loading and unloading time, optimizing logistics and distribution processes.

3.Increased Accuracy in Material Handling

With high accuracy capabilities in moving or transporting materials, this forklift helps reduce the risk of damage to products and raw materials during the transportation process. To minimize the costs of repairing or replacing damaged goods.

4.Flexibility in Handling Heavy Loads

Although designed for pallet storage, the Reach Truck Double Deep can also be used to handle other heavy loads such as production equipment. With the added flexibility offered, it provides convenience in manufacturing environments that require handling a variety of materials.

5.Low Operational Costs

With easy access to carry out routine maintenance, and quality and durable forklift components, minimizing equipment downtime. Thus, operational costs will be relatively lower and the operational budget can be better optimized.

These various advantages and superior specifications make the RAYMOND Reach Truck Double Deep a profitable investment for you as a business owner in the manufacturing or warehousing industry. RAYMOND Reach Truck Double Deep helps improve operational efficiency and better use of space, contributing to increased productivity and competitive advantage in the industry.

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