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Product | 06 February 2023

There are many types or types of heavy equipment used in industry, from manufacturing to warehousing. These heavy equipment certainly have a function to make lifting and moving goods easier. One type of heavy equipment that is often used especially in warehouse operations is a pallet stacker. What is a pallet stacker and what makes it different from other heavy equipment? The following is information about pallet stackers that you need to know and that you can rent at Swadaya Harapan Nusantara (SHN).

What Is a Pallet Stacker and What Does It Do

Pallet stackers are heavy equipment that have a function to help the process of moving goods in warehouses to be more practical, efficient and easy. The pallet stacker has one hand which is used to move goods to a higher place. Therefore, pallet stackers are usually used to arrange goods on storage racks, which aims to maximize the available space. This tool has a size that is not too large so that it can also be used to move goods to a transporter. Stacker itself is included in material handling.

Types of Pallet Stackers

Pallet stackers have hands or hands on the front that function to move and lift heavy items. Pallet stackers have different heights depending on the machine variant, so you can choose the unit that suits your warehouse height needs. Apart from the difference in height, there are also types of hand pallet stackers that you can find, including:

Pallet stacker yang memudahkan pekerjaan industri pabrik hingga gudang 2

1. Manual Hand Stacker

As the name implies, this type of tool is operated by using feet or hands which are pumped manually. With hand sizes that can be adjusted to the width of the goods, this type of hand pallet stacker can transport goods up to a capacity of 2 tons.

Pallet stacker yang memudahkan pekerjaan industri pabrik hingga gudang 3

2. Semi-Electric Hand Stackers

This type of tool is almost like a manual pallet hand stacker, but there is an additional battery that functions to raise or lower the hand part of the tool. Even though it is semi-electric because with the help of a battery, moving goods using this tool can still be done faster.

Pallet stacker yang memudahkan pekerjaan industri pabrik hingga gudang 1

3. Hand Stacker Electric

The latter is a type of electric pallet hand stacker that uses an electric system for its entire operation. Therefore, the use of tools is carried out automatically so that work is more controlled, fast, and also efficient. The hand stacker electric also has other advantages such as not making noise, so it doesn't disturb the surrounding environment.

How to Determine the Right Pallet Stacker for You

Choosing the wrong tool is of course something that business people avoid, therefore when you want to choose a pallet stacker to use, of course it's better to pay attention to a number of things so that the tool you use can work optimally. Here are some tips that you can do:

  • Determining the Weight Capacity of Goods to Be Transported

To know for sure which pallet stacker you need to use means you also need to know the weight capacity of the goods you will be transporting. Because if the goods exceed the capacity that can be lifted by the tool, it will be dangerous. In general, a hand pallet stacker can lift goods weighing 1 to 5 tons, the higher the goods are placed, the smaller the weight of the goods needs to be so that the lifting process is safer.

  • Know the Height of Goods Storage

After discussing the height a little, it is also necessary to know with certainty the height of the storage rack that you are using. Make sure there is a safe distance between the shelves and the warehouse ceiling so that the process of moving goods is easier.

  • Pay attention to the items to be moved

As a business owner, you certainly need to know exactly what you have. It is also important in determining the type of pallet stacker that is right for you, because each item has a different method of transporting it.

  • Choose the Right Type of Hand Stacker

Of the three types of hand pallet stackers mentioned above, you can also choose which type best suits your needs, and combines it with the weight requirements, shelf height suitability, and other things that have been mentioned.

After knowing the information about pallet stackers, now you can choose the type that best suits what you need. For this need, Swadaya Harapan Nusantara (SHN) is the place where you can get one, because SHN provides long-term pallet stacker rentals. Apart from that, you can also view other heavy equipment available and can be rented here with a long term system. For further needs or if you want to get detailed information about product rentals and other services available, you can also contact the SHN Contact Center at 1500 - 072 (Ext. 5) or Whatsapp at 0811-7230-383.