Kubota U50-5S Specifications: Superior Performance, Compact Size


Product | 09 August 2023

With increasingly developing technology, various jobs can now be done efficiently, including heavy jobs on industrial projects. For work such as building and maintaining construction, to creating infrastructure, a Mini Excavator can be the right choice.

Mini excavators are known for being tough in dealing with challenging environments, making them the ideal solution for construction projects in narrow and hard-to-reach areas. Having a compact size, the mini excavator is also able to maneuver easily between building structures and other elements, while still maintaining strong digging capabilities.

Kubota is a brand that has a reputation for trusted mini excavators, with one of its superior series, the Kubota U50-5S, which has a compact design and superior technology, capable of providing unwavering performance in various heavy jobs.

A Brief History of the Kubota Brand

Kubota is a name that is etched in industrial history and has been on a pioneering journey since its founding. Starting in 1890 in Japan, Kubota has made a long mark in the world of heavy machinery and equipment industry and has become one of the global leaders in the manufacture of tractors, agricultural machinery, and construction equipment. Dedication to innovation and unwavering quality has given rise to a solid reputation. As time goes by, Kubota continues to adapt to the needs of modern industry, and by upholding quality as its main principle, Kubota continues to strengthen its position as a leading pioneer in various industrial segments.

From a varied product range from tractors to diesel engines, the U50-5S Mini Excavator is also included in the superior product range. Having a smaller size, this mini excavator can provide tough performance in various construction projects and is a superior solution in facing modern work demands. The following are the specifications and advantages of the Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S:

Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S Specifications

The Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S is designed to have the advantage of high precision in digging and good maneuverability, making it suitable for projects that require access to limited areas without sacrificing work quality. The Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S has the following main specifications:

  • Bucket capacity: 0.16 m^3
  • Standard bucket width: (with/without side teeth): 650 / 600 mm
  • Canopy Unit Weight (rubber/steel crawler): 4705 / 4790 kg
  • Cabin Unit Weight (rubber/steel crawler): 4780 / 4865 kg
  • Overall length: 5510 mm
  • Overall height: 2540 mm
  • Overall width: 1960 mm
  • Minimum ground clearance: 320 mm
  • Engine capacity: 2197 cc

The Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S also has the advantage of better visibility, which supports operations and provides good visibility for maximum efficiency. This series of Mini Excavators also has an air-conditioned cabin for the comfort of CAB model operators, providing safety for operators when working in dusty or noisy environments.

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Advantages of the Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S in the Construction Sector

With the features and technology provided by the Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S, various heavy jobs become easier to do, one of which is work in the construction sector. The following are some of the advantages of the Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S in the construction sector:

1.Able to Work Agilely

Exceptional maneuverability allows the Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S to move with precision around obstacles or within confined areas. This can minimize damage to the surrounding environment and maximize work efficiency.

2.Good Digging Ability

Despite its smaller size, the Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S has powerful digging capabilities. So that excavation, dredging, and material moving work can be carried out with high efficiency.

3.Precision Ability

The modern technological features integrated into the Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S ensure high precision in digging, dredging, and material placement. This is important to achieve accurate and quality results.

4.Has Responsive Controls

The responsive control system of the Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S allows the operator to control machine movements with high accuracy.

5.Improve Accessibility

The Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S comes with an operator-friendly cab, providing maximum visibility and comfort for the operator, which is important in maintaining productivity and quality of work.

Advantages of the Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S in the Plantation Sector

Apart from having advantages in the construction sector, the Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S is also superior for work on plantations. Here are some Key advantages of the Kubota Mini Excavator in the plantation sector:

1.Eases Accessibility to Restricted Areas

The compact design and excellent maneuverability allow the Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S to operate in tight areas between structures on plantations.

2.Precision in Placement

The precision technology in the Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S ensures the placement of materials needed for the plantation industry with high accuracy between plants or agricultural areas, minimizing possible damage.

3.Land Maintenance

The Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S can also be used for plantation land maintenance such as cleaning irrigation channels, managing drainage, or leveling the land surface.

4.Time and Energy Efficiency

With strong digging capabilities and precision in every movement, the Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S helps increase efficiency in plantation tasks, thereby saving time and energy spent by workers.

In addition, the Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S is also equipped with clean-running technology which provides a powerful diesel engine, providing superior power and performance, with low noise and vibration levels. The Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S also supports operator safety and comfort in working, so the Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S applies various technologies such as world standard cabin ROPS/FOPS, neutral engine and can only be started if the safety lever is moved to the locked position, as well as viewing angles. in a better and more spacious cabin to reduce operator fatigue even when working for long hours.

Get further information about the Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S by accessing the official SHN website here, and also contacting the SHN Contact Center at 1500-072 (Ext.5) and Whatsapp at 0811-7230-383. Kubota Mini Excavator U50-5S is available for short-term rental with flexible terms ranging from daily to annual. You can also check various SHN short-term rental products and services on the following page.