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Product | 11 October 2023

Heavy equipment is a widely used category of machinery in various industries, specifically designed to assist in heavy-duty tasks such as construction, earthmoving, and large-scale projects. Equipped with specialized technology and machinery, heavy equipment facilitates the execution of strenuous tasks, justifying its relatively high price tag. Apart from the initial cost, heavy equipment also demands regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance during operations. In this rapidly evolving digital era, the heavy equipment industry has significantly benefited from digitization. Easy access to information about heavy equipment benefits business owners and project managers, and it enables equipment providers to promote their offerings effortlessly. As a provider of various heavy equipment types accessible through smart devices, SHN is committed to delivering top-notch services and tailored solutions for your business needs.

Brief History of SHN

Since 1983, PT Swadaya Harapan Nusantara has consistently provided exceptional services, aiding every customer in achieving mutual success. Presently, PT Swadaya Harapan Nusantara is a trusted official distributor for four leading global brands, catering to the needs of heavy equipment in the Industrial, Agriculture, Power Generation, and Construction sectors.

As a part of the PT Traktor Nusantara family, PT Swadaya Harapan Nusantara pledges to offer innovative and comprehensive solutions, both in unit rentals and the provision of used equipment. SHN provides flexible rental services, spanning short-term and long-term contracts. With 15 Branch Offices, 3 Satellite Points, and 6 Support Points across Indonesia, you are assured of operational support, maintenance training, spare parts supply, and complete, reliable backup units. Partnering with PT Swadaya Harapan Nusantara ensures your heavy equipment needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Services Offered by SHN

Driven by the commitment to be your heavy equipment solution partner, SHN understands that unexpected situations in the field may lead to additional or altered equipment requirements beyond initial plans. Hence, SHN offers flexible rental options tailored to business owners' needs. SHN provides long-term rental services (minimum 1-year contracts), short-term rent options (daily, weekly, and yearly), a range of FG Wilson gensets customizable to small, medium, and large variants, genset installation services, genset center facilities for installation and testing needs, and a used equipment service offering quality second-hand heavy equipment.

SHN Contact Center Services for Rental Convenience

In the pursuit of providing an easy and efficient heavy equipment rental experience, SHN Contact Center is dedicated to offering superior services to every business owner. Through the SHN Contact Center, you can enjoy a hassle-free heavy equipment rental process.

Easy Booking

SHN Contact Center prioritizes the ease of renting the necessary heavy equipment. Through available contact channels, you can swiftly and effortlessly book the equipment your project requires. The booking process is intuitive, ensuring you get the equipment matching your specifications and desired timeframe.

Quick Inquiries

Time is of the essence. Therefore, SHN Contact Center is ready to promptly respond to your inquiries. Through the SHN Contact Center, you can easily ask questions about pricing, equipment specifications, or rental terms.

Direct Consultation

SHN understands that each project has its unique needs. Hence, the SHN Contact Center offers consultation services regarding the necessary heavy equipment. Through these consultations, you can discuss your project details and receive advice on the best and most efficient heavy equipment for your requirements.

Product Availability Information

Transparency is key in our customer relationships. Information about the availability of units at SHN can also be accessed by contacting the SHN Contact Center.

Contact Flexibility

We value each customer's communication preferences. Therefore, SHN Contact Center provides flexibility in communication methods. You can choose to communicate via email, WhatsApp, or phone, according to your convenience and preference. SHN strives to make the communication process as straightforward as possible, ensuring timely and efficient responses to every query or need.

With the SHN Contact Center services, we ensure that every stage of the heavy equipment rental process runs smoothly, providing you with confidence and peace of mind throughout your project. Customers are our priority, and we work hard to ensure you receive a heavy equipment rental solution tailored to your unique needs.

How to Rent Through SHN Contact Center

If you are interested in renting heavy equipment from the available units at SHN, you can easily reach out to the SHN Contact Center. Contact us through the channels below for direct interaction:

  • Call Center: 1500072, extension number 5
  • Email your requirements to: contact.center@shn.co.id
  • WhatsApp Chat: +628117230383

You can also fill out the form available on this page to find solutions for your heavy equipment needs. For other services offered by SHN, you can directly access the official SHN website here.