Benefits and Uses of Mini Excavators in Construction and Agriculture Projects

Mini Excavators

Product | 17 April 2023

In the mining and construction industry, maybe you are familiar with this type of excavator. However, are you also familiar with mini excavators? As the name implies, the mini excavator is a small size variation of the excavator heavy equipment. Despite its smaller size, the mini excavator still has capabilities and functions that are no less competitive than other heavy equipment. In its application, the mini excavator can even be said to be superior to the usual type of excavator, because it can reach various workplace environments. Therefore, this tool is the right choice for business owners who have a lot of projects in construction as well as agriculture. Not only excels in hard-to-reach environments, but mini excavators also have other benefits and uses in construction and agricultural projects, such as the following.

Benefits of Mini Excavators in Construction and Agriculture Projects

  • Versatile function

Mini excavators can be used for a variety of jobs, which means they are flexible to use. In construction and agricultural work, mini excavators can be used for jobs such as earth excavation, small-scale demolition, and other jobs in various situations.

  • Has high mobility

With a smaller size, the mini excavator can reach areas that are difficult for large heavy equipment to access. With their small size, mini excavators can be easily moved from one location to another, so mini excavators are the right choice for projects in the construction and agriculture sectors that require the movement of materials quickly from one location to another so that project execution time can be reduced. well maximized.

  • Improve work efficiency

The mini excavator is equipped with advanced features such as a hydraulic system, easy-to-use control features, as well as a high lifting capacity that helps increase work efficiency and speed up the duration of project work.

  • More affordable operational costs

In addition to functions that make work easier, when discussing operational costs, using a mini excavator also requires costs that tend to be lower. This is due to factors such as less fuel intake required for mini excavators than large heavy equipment, as well as other easier maintenance which can reduce long-term operational costs.

Use of Mini Excavators in Construction and Agriculture Projects

  • Moving materials

Like work in other project fields, construction and agriculture work certainly requires moving large amounts of material from one place to another. With a mini excavator, moving materials to various places, including hard-to-reach areas, can be easily resolved.

  • Repair or construction of drains

In work in agriculture, making irrigation canals or water channels is important. By using a mini excavator, the work of digging canals for the process of watering plants can be done more quickly and efficiently. In addition, mini excavators can also help open channels and clean waterways.

  • Building infrastructure

Not only in hard-to-reach areas, mini excavators that have high mobility can also assist in infrastructure development work in various places. Mini excavators can be used in digging soil for the construction of building foundations, clearing land, and making pathways for roads and pedestrians.

  • Do maintenance work

Apart from helping in terms of construction and manufacture, mini excavators also help in terms of care or maintenance. This is because, completed construction or agricultural projects, of course, still require maintenance from time to time, such as repairing damaged roads, cleaning drainage canals, or building maintenance. Those were the various benefits and uses of mini excavators in the field of construction work and agriculture. If you are a business actor in construction or agriculture projects, this is the right choice for you to start using a mini excavator. SHN provides the rental of mini excavators with flexible terms, from daily, monthly to yearly, which you can adjust to your needs. Find out more about the mini excavators available at SHN by visiting this page. And if you want to inquire about unit availability, or other services available at SHN, you can visit the official SHN page here, or you can also call the SHN Contact Center at 1500-072 (Ext.5) and Whatsapp at 0811-7230-383.