5 Uses of Boom Lifts in Industrial Business

Boom Lift

Product | 24 April 2023

The use of heavy equipment in the industrial and construction businesses cannot be separated from one another. Of the various types of heavy equipment available, the boom lift has become one of the most important heavy equipment in the industrial world. In the industrial sector itself, it is not uncommon for work to be done that requires access to a high place, such as installation work, maintenance, or building repairs. The need for access to this height is also a challenge for workers to be able to carry out their duties safely and efficiently. Boom lift heavy equipment also answers the needs of workers and industrial and construction business owners, who need to access work at high places more easily and effectively.

A boom lift is heavy equipment specially designed to help work at height. This tool is equipped with a platform that can be raised or lowered and also has an arm that extends to reach various areas that are difficult to access manually. The use of these boom lifts not only increases the safety level of workers but can also help increase work productivity and efficiency in industrial sector businesses because work can be completed in a shorter time. From the functions and advantages that have been mentioned, boom lifts still have other uses or benefits when used in the industrial business sector. Here are 5 types of work that can be done using a boom lift in industrial jobs.

1.Helping with Building Care or Maintenance Work

Tall buildings that are difficult for workers to reach manually certainly require safe tools. Using a boom lift can also speed up and facilitate building maintenance work such as cleaning window glass, checking the condition of the roof of the building, to the process of painting the building more safely and efficiently.

2.Facilitate Construction Work

Not only in terms of maintenance, but boom lifts can also be useful for construction work such as installing electric poles, installing windows in tall buildings, installing roofs, or other jobs that need to reach heights.

3.Simplify Work at the Airport

Boom lifts are also useful for jobs at the airport. In general, boom lifts are used at airports for aircraft maintenance, such as repairing or cleaning the top of the plane, changing the runway lights, changing the airline's logo or identity on the fuselage, and so on. In addition, boom lifts can also be used to install lighting in airport areas, such as car parking areas, pedestrian paths, and so on.

4.Facilitate City Infrastructure Development

Construction works that are usually carried out in cities such as building roads, and bridges, and making public transportation facilities can also use this boom lift type of heavy equipment. Boom lifts can help overcome space limitations and reduce traffic disturbances, as they can be positioned in the right position and do not take up as much space as other heavy equipment.

5.Facilitate City Infrastructure Maintenance

Not only in terms of development, boom lifts can also help facilitate the maintenance of city infrastructure. Not only maintaining buildings but boom lifts can also be used to care for trees and parks in cities, bearing in mind that trees that are hundreds of years old and tower high if they are not checked regularly, can have the potential to fall due to weather and endanger road users. Inspection of trees can also be done using a boom lift. Apart from that, in terms of repairs, installation of street lighting, and other things that require access to high places, you can use a boom lift more safely and practically.

In the industrial field, boom lifts are a very useful tool and can help make work easier that is difficult to reach or at a height. With the convenience it provides, the work done will be more efficient in terms of time, cost, and production process. In addition, the use of boom lifts can also improve workplace safety by providing safe and stable access to areas that are difficult to reach. With all the benefits it offers, it's no wonder that boom lifts are one of the most sought-after tools in the industry. If you are also looking for a boom lift to use in your industrial business, SHN provides boom lift heavy equipment rental from the JLG brand, which has trusted quality. The boom lifts available at SHN also have different height variants that can be adjusted to your needs. To find out more information about the boom lift units available at SHN, you can access them here. And if you need any other information regarding other SHN services or available unit information, you can visit the official SHN page here, or you can also contact the SHN Contact Center at 1500-072 (Ext.5) and Whatsapp at 0811-7230-383