5 Tips for Caring Forklifts Properly


Product | 10 April 2023

The forklift is one type of heavy equipment that is widely used in the needs of warehouses, industrial businesses, construction, or logistics. This heavy equipment has a function to facilitate the transportation and movement of goods of large sizes. In its operations, prime forklift conditions can certainly maximize business productivity. Therefore, it is important to maintain this heavy equipment properly so that it can continue to function properly and can be used for a long time, considering that the investment costs that need to be incurred by business owners to buy or rent this equipment are not cheap. Here are forklift care tips that you can pay attention to so that the forklift stays in good condition.

1.Check the fuel regularly

Before running a forklift, the first thing to pay attention to is the availability of fuel in this heavy equipment. For forklifts that use electric or gas fuel, make sure the forklift battery is always fully charged before use. And for diesel forklifts, check fuel and other fluids such as hydraulic fluid, transmission, coolant, and lubricating oil. By ensuring all fuel and other liquids are in good condition and according to the standard specifications of the tool, the forklift can avoid damage.

2.Grease the actively moving parts of the forklift with oil

The front fork supporting parts of the forklift and also the pedals are some of the forklift parts that move actively. As a part that often experiences friction, if these joint parts are dry it will hurt the condition of the forklift, therefore make sure you regularly grease these parts with oil so that the joints are not in a dry condition.

3.Check the parts on the forklift

There are gauges located in the forklift instrument section. Gauges have a function to provide an indication of a sign when a forklift part is damaged or not functioning. Ensuring gauges are always in good condition means making it easier to detect damage to other parts.

Apart from gauges, also pay attention to the condition of the tires on the forklift. As with any automotive vehicle, the condition of the tires on a forklift is also important when it comes to forklift performance. Especially in the use of moving and lifting heavy equipment, tires on forklifts will be more prone to damage. Make sure the forklift tires have balanced air pressure. With balanced air pressure on the tires, the load carried on the forklift will be stable

4.Clean forklifts regularly

Clean the forklift at least once a week regularly. This needs to be done because even if a forklift looks clean from the outside, the inside is not necessarily completely clean. If the forklift is dusty or stuck in other dirt, it will cause problems such as blockages in the radiator. Clean parts such as the air filter, radiator, and cooling system to keep the forklift in good condition.

5.Perform Routine Maintenance On Forklifts

Apart from the things mentioned above, forklifts also require maintenance on certain parts every month to once a year. Maintenance that is carried out includes replacing spare parts, oil, and other parts on forklifts. Those are some tips that you can do to care for a forklift so that it remains in good condition and can be used for a long time. Apart from being properly cared for, good quality forklift tools also affect the operational life of the forklift and the quality of the engine on the forklift itself. If you want to rent a forklift that is trusted in terms of quality, you can choose the forklift variants available at SHN. Find out more information about available units by visiting the official SHN website here, or you can also contact the SHN Contact Center at 1500-072 (Ext.5) and Whatsapp at 0811-7230-383.