40th SHN Anniversary and Soft Opening of SHN Surabaya Channel


Event | 05 April 2023

Jakarta (24/03) - In 2023, PT Swadaya Harapan Nusantara (SHN) will be 40 years old. Carrying the theme GAS (Grow Together, Always Improving, Sustainable Business), SHN wants to convey that in this new age, the spirit is to grow and develop together for business stability.

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The series of events towards the climax of the 40th Anniversary celebration was opened with a Logo and Theme Contest for 40 years of SHN. This Logo and Theme Contest is open to all Traknus Group personnel. Furthermore, Table Tennis is a competition that several teams contest. The competition was quite lively and very lively. There was tension between the teams fighting over the Table Tennis Competition Champion. In the end, a team from the Short Term Rental department won the table tennis competition, represented by Yusuf and Irawan.

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The next series will be held on March 17, 2023, namely a cooking competition and walking together. The cooking competition was attended by 12 teams with a predetermined fried rice dish menu. There is also an assessment in this competition. The Board of Directors and Management represented the assessment. It was seen that there were Widjaja Kartika, President Director of Traktor Nusantara, Handi Wibowo, Director of Sales & Marketing, Handoko, Head of Rental, FG Wilson & Genset Center, and Mokhamad Mauludin, Head of Rental Marketing & Business Controller The event went lively and fun of course. The cooking competition for fried rice was finally won by the team from the Finance department.

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The event on that day continued with a joint walk followed by all SHN people. The joint walk with the Start line at the Swadaya Harapan Nusantara Building was opened using a sign, namely the raising of the flag by Handi Wibowo, the Director of Sales & Marketing. This joint walk led to the Head Office of Traktor Nusantara; this casual walk was an effort to form cohesiveness and togetherness among all SHN employees in welcoming the 40th SHN Anniversary.

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The highlight of the series of events from the SHN 40th Anniversary Celebration was held on March 24, 2023, at the Swadaya Harapan Nusantara Head Office. On that occasion, the SHN management also held the soft opening of the SHN Surabaya Channel. The celebration's highlight was attended by management from Traknus Group and, of course, all SHN employees. Coincidentally, the event was held during Ramadan; therefore, the celebration was held at the same time as the breaking fast with all SHN employees and guests who attended.

The soft opening moment of SHN Surabaya Channel was led by Mokhamad Mauludin, Head of Rental Marketing & Business Controller, who directly communicated with Irfak Kurnia Romadhon as Head of Long Term Rental Sales Area 1 when cutting the ribbon for the inauguration of SHN Surabaya Channel. In the Soft Opening of the SHN Surabaya Channel, a facility tour was also carried out via live video conference Zoom which was witnessed directly by the BOD, GM, Management, and Traknus Group employees who joined online.

Through these various types of series of events as well as the SHN Surabaya Channel Soft Launch, it is hoped that Swadaya Harapan Nusantara will continue to grow into a rental company that is strong, competitive, and has a positive impact on the Traknus Group and can continue to respond to challenges in the business world, especially serving all customers. PROVE IT!